Welcome to dataARC Ecosystem Explorer’s documentation!

This guide will serve as the overview and tutorial for getting acquainted with the dataARC Ecosystem Explorer. The Ecosystem Explorer is designed to help dataset contributors think through mapping their data to the dataARC community’s knowledge map of the concept of “changing landscapes” and to help advanced users better understand how data and concepts are connected in the dataARC Ecosystem. The Ecosystem Explorer is provided as a Jupyter Notebook, containing tools for exploring the dataARC Concept Map, which is structured as an Undirected Graph ⇗, and data connections to it. The flow chart below can help guide your experience and point you toward the materials needed to complete your goals.

Getting Started

This section includes some helpful background information if you aren’t yet familiar with CIDOC CRM Concepts, existing dataARC datasets, or how you might start thinking about adding your own datasets.


Follow along with these step-by-step guides to get started working with the dataARC Ecosystem Explorer.