Jupyter Notebooks Basics

Learning Objectives

  • Open and navigate a Jupyter Notebook using Binder
  • Introduce conventions adopted by dataARC Ecosystem Explorer
  • Become comfortable with running cells and making minor edits to code blocks.


The Jupyter Notebooks provided for your navigation are running on a remote server and no changes are saved when executing the code. This gives you the freedom to play and not worry about breaking anything! You can always return to Step 1 (below) with a clean slate. Have fun!

Open the Tutorial Notebook

  1. Navigate to the dataARC Demo GitHub Repository
  1. Scroll down a bit and click on .

    This process will take about a minute while binder processes the request. Your screen should look like this while it’s running:

  1. When Binder has completed its spin-up process, click on the Jupyter Notebook Jupyter Notebook Tutorial.ipynb

    The Jupyter Notebook will open in a new window, ready to run!

  1. Follow along with the Six Steps for learning all you need to know inside the Jupyter Notebook.


You may find that your Jupyter Notebook looks like this:

In this case, Binder is not running. Return to Step 1, and ensure that you wait for the Binder spin-up to complete.

Once you’ve completed the Jupyter Notebook Tutorial, move on to the DataARC Ecosystem Explorer Guide.